IQAS management has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry
with emphasis on Quality Assurance of OCTG, drill pipe, line pipe, drilling
& completion equipment, and construction of Sub Sea umbilical tie back systems.  Also quality auditing, MODU rig inspection certification and all aspects of mill surveillance.  Knowledge and experience in welding and fabrication of completion components both alloy and carbon, automated ultrasonic and hand held prove-ups, threading of API and
premium connections, review and approval of PQR & WPS. Thorough knowledge and experience with MT, PT, UT methods of nondestructive testing, for shop and field conditions.  Experience in supervision and management in the drilling and completion of HPHT H2S & uERD wells.  Project types included Drilling, Completion, MODU Rig Inspection, Commissioning and hook-up of SPAR Production Systems and Pipelines, Umbilical manufacturing, inspection and installation.

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